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This should be rewritten with third-person pronouns.

At a Permablitz you're learning by doing, while getting ideas for your own garden, participating in free workshops, while meeting good people, helping to reduce food miles and water use, beautifying underused spaces, sharing resources, eating great food, and preparing the way for healthier, tastier food, while building community networks and urban resilience.

There will be a brief intro in which the design for the day and the ideas behind it will be explained and then we'll get to work. You'll be shown what to do and be working with others in teams on the various projects in the garden. Teams can rotate so you can get some hands on experience in all the different projects, and there will be short workshops throughout the day on a variety of topics.

The hosts will provide a shared lunch for the workers -- bring something if you would like to share, but you don't have to. By about four o'clock we'll break and thank everyone. By then, quite a transformation should have taken place! You'll hopefully go home brimming with ideas, having met lots of wonderful people, having had a taste of permaculture design and having been learning by doing.

Permaculture Association of Western Australia
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