A syringe printer is a modified version of a MOST RepRap printer which adds the capability of printing with soft materials, pellets, gel-based and semi-solid substances.

This page describes the building process of this printer and its use with pure polypropylene.

List of items[edit | edit source]

1. RepRap printer

2. Cheap steel syringe such as this

3. Temperature controller such as this

4. Insulated wires

5. Phillips head screw driver

6. Alligator clips

7. Nichrome wire

8. Glass wool insulation

9. Kapton tape

Pre- setup[edit | edit source]

The syringe used here uses Viton o-rings. This grade of Viton is rated for use only up to 205°C. To ensure safe use of the syringe, the Viton o-rings were heated in a furnace at 200°C for 4 hours. According to current need, 4 hours was the maximum amount of time that the printer would be run for any part. The o-rings remained intact at the end of this 4 hour heating period.

Suggested modifications to RepRap printer[edit | edit source]


Nozzle setup[edit | edit source]

1. Trim the tip of the syringe such that it has a circular cross section and is only 5mm in length.

2. Wrap the steel syringe with 10m of insulated nichrome wire. This can be held together with kapton tape.

3. Insert the temperature probe such that it makes contact with the syringe, as close to the tip as possible and secure it with kapton tape.

4. Wrap this with glass wool insulation and secure with more kapton tape.

5. Wiring for Inkbird temperature controller ITC-106:

Pins 3 & 4: Thermocouple

Pins 7 & 8: Nichrome wires on the syringe

Pins 9 & 10: Power supply 110V AC

Printing parameters for pure polypropylene[edit | edit source]

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