This is a page to help us collaborate effectively on open design. The initial idea is:

  • This will be a kind of contributors' portal
  • It is both for improving Appropedia content and for facilitating other kinds of collaboration

Members[edit | edit source]

If you want to be involved, sign below and describe your interest(s) in the project.


  • I'm not so much into tool/hardware design, but am interested in how Appropedia can serve the open design community
  • If there's anyone else interested in work on water/sanitation designs, I'm very interested - especially simple sanitation systems starting with biogas, or systems designed for floating communities (as with EWB Australia & RDIC(?)'s current work with Cambodian villages on the Mekong(?)

Michel Bauwens:

  • I keep track, as founder of, of the open design movements through a special category in our wiki, see below

Smári McCarthy:

  • I work on Fab Labs, Kokompe, Callooh, the GTP object definition language and various other things.
  • Very interested in digital fabrication, but also sustainable/appropriate technology, design as aid, democratization of innovation, etc.
  • I love breaking the assumptions of existing systems. Hence: Grassroots research (stealing the monopoly on the creation of new knowledge from the academics), small scale democracy (breaking the constraints of monolithic governments and pushing the power to the people), etc.
  • I'm also involved in projects regarding stochastic buildings.

Other people known to be interested include:

Mark Ireton:

  • I am looking for opportunities to join virtual teams that are designing solutions that will benefit humanity.
  • My particular skills are in electrical and software engineering. Basically I am interested in applying technology, even if it is relatively simple technology, to make lives better and promote sustainability.
  • I think that the open source development model and tools could be applied to sustainable design. I have a little experience with SourceForge as a collaboration environment, but any such tool would be fine.

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