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Callooh is a free hardware CNC router project, intending to be comparable to the Roland Modella in accuracy and ability, but far cheaper and have a larger working area.

Version 2.


  • Arnar Mar Sigurðsson - hardware design, electronics
  • Smári McCarthy - controller software, GTP language
  • Mel Chua - firmware
  • Marcin Jakubowski - hardware design, open enterprise model, fabrication of turnkey Calloohs

Discussion Log[edit]

See the talk page.

Emulator / Controller[edit]


Callooh uses GTP. See that page for more information.

Installation instructions[edit]

Here we have the source code for the emulator part of the XYZ router table. This is actually very outdated and misleading. You're better off just not doing anything than doing this:

You can download the latest source at

You'll need to install the following as prerequisites:

  • python
  • pygame
  • pyOpenGL

On Mel's computer:

gunzip router.tar.gz
tar -xvf router.tar
sudo apt-get install python-pygame
sudo easy_install PyOpenGL
cd router/src/controller
python testfiles/test.gtp

Other Projects[edit]

There are a number of other opensource CNC mills currently available:

  • ShapeOko --- by default, a small hobby-level mill intended to cost $300, it uses MakerSlide, is easily expanded or improved and has a number of documented upgrades as well as a full b.o.m. and assembly instructions and CAD files.
  • DIYLILCNC --- a small hobby-level CNC using lasercut plywood.
  • Kikori --- a large format CNC router intended for large-scale woodworking.