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My name is Mel Chua, and this page describes the Appropedia-related projects I'm working on. Feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or ideas you might have, or check and see if I'll be traveling near you sometime soon.

Interests[edit | edit source]

I'm an electrical and software engineer and community facilitator from Boston. As the first in my family to grow up outside the developing world (Philippines, China), I have an active interest in appropriate tech, especially the seldom-explored topic of how electrical and computer engineers, programmers and computer scientists, and other people involved with electrons can get involved. I've been involved administrating (both in the content/community and the technological sense) Mediawiki-based projects for several years and am keenly interested in decentralized collaboration, locally run hackathons and sprints, and university outreach and participation. I believe that integrating appropriate technology and open source into the undergraduate engineering curriculum will make all three communities of practice stronger.

Current goals and projects[edit | edit source]

  • Get Appropedia to choose and pursue measurable outcomes for the 2009 calendar year. Once those are chosen, I'll be adding more projects to this list.
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