Is there a shared goal we're working towards?

How do we know how well we're doing towards that goal? How do we know if we're done, whether we're doing better? Are there any measurements we find particularly compelling, or would like to have?

Site stats are a very poor indicator of impact. Let's choose better goals. We start by tossing out some ideas, noting that they're calibration ideas for feedback - a first attempt, and don't take into account our the resources we have at our disposal, and may or may not fit our vision and mission[1]

Possible measurable outcomes[edit | edit source]

  1. during the year of 2009, double the number of articles on our site
  2. during the year of 2009, have at least N articles passed through this <insert link here> peer review and revision process, and at the end of 2009 have a published (lulu!) book of the best of those articles - or all of them, depending on the value of N.
  3. every month, have 2 press-ready stories of actual developing-world deployments of technologies described on our wiki, and try to get them into mainstream and not-so-mainstream media
  4. hold at least 6 appropedia content sprints, one on each non-Antarctican continent
  5. partner with at least 10 appropriate tech conferences/summits/camps by serving as their documentation/ideas repository (as in IDDS) as well as the focal point for all their online backchannels/comunications (offer subsidiary services like twitter tag tutoring - or better yet, - social network setup, mailing list hosting...)
  6. engage a group (or groups) of international development students to design and deploy instruments to measure Appropedia's impacts, as a research project for them to learn with; be able to publish preliminary status reports from at least 3 groups by October '09
  7. get at least 5 university courses on 3 different continents to integrate Appropedia into their course assignments
  8. set up and deploy an appropriate technology community mentorship program, in 3-month rounds (first round northern summer '09, complete at least 2 rounds before the end of the year)
  9. have at least 2 dozen contributors to planet appropedia, with at least 5 substantial posts per week
  10. publish a weekly newsletter
  11. be recognized as the leaders and go-to people for peer-produced appropriate technology information on the internet, and have appropedia leaders (as individuals) cited in at least 3 print publications as such

Your response?[edit | edit source]

Respond on the talk page (add section). Prioritize the outcomes and explain the ranking. E.g. "if we only did one, I'd want it to be this...if we only did two, I'd want to add this one... etc.) Or at least give your top 5 in order and why.

Also, give your own suggestions.

This is based on thoughts by Mchua (Mel Chua) in chat with Chriswaterguy. Mel will be watching the responses and continuing to help out.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Mission == ultimate end aim of the organization, not necessarily a polished PR-ready statement, just "what we're going for". Although we have a vision and mission page, different wording has been used e.g. here.

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