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Where Appropedia:Measurable outcomes is for planning, this page is mainly for communicating ideas within the community, and to the those wanting to learn more about Appropedia.

Note that this is speculative and is not the result of consensus - it is just a few ideas, and a way for some Appropedians to share their ideas of where we're heading. For a more active discussion, see Appropedia:Measurable outcomes.

This is a more concrete addition to our vision and mission, to give a clearer picture of where we are heading.

2009[edit source]

  • Develop a large collection of pages, covering a comprehensive range of topics.
  • 2009 target: Through creating stubs and finding quality open content, as well as students and other new contributors, greatly expand the number of articles on our site, from 14,000 to at least 40,000.
  • Develop this resource in multiple languages, starting with major languages (especially those spoken by Appropedians) then considering smaller languages. Make this knowledge understandable to as much of the world's population as possible.
  • 2009 target #1: Recruit at least 5 active contributors in at least these languages: Spanish, Indonesian, German, French (we may already have this many French speakers by merging with Ekopedia). Create ways for these new communities to communicate (mailing list, central Identica account, community portal, what else?) Each community can set targets for its work.
  • 2009 target #2: Develop translation tools to aid these communities. See Improving translation tools for MediaWiki, and set a target for this year. What is a basic tool that could be developed in coming months that would aid translators? Dictionary/translation suggestions on right click? (Or js lookup of a highlighted word with a bookmarklet - I could almost do that now. --Chriswaterguy 06:26, 12 March 2009 (UTC))
  • Have a quality review process, to give confidence to the reader and user of the content.
  • 2009 target: Develop such a process and begin to pass articles through it.
  • Distribute content in different forms, for example book and flash disk.
  • 2009 target: Have a published (e.g. lulu) a book of the best of those articles - preferably coffee table quality, with high resolution photographs; work out how anyone can successfully browse content offline (see Appropedia:Offline browsing) and how they can easily install this to flash disk or other media (CD/DVD/HD/XO-1).
  • Have a presence in the media, as a way of carrying our message and our service to a wider audience.
  • Every month, have at least one press-ready story of a useful technology or project on Appropedia, released with an extremely short press release. Distribute to mainstream and not-so-mainstream media.
  • Support appropriate technology work around the world, through holding or supporting technology workshops, jam sessions and displays.
  • 2009 target: ?
  • Partner with organizations working in areas such as sustainable design, and appropriate technology, as well as conferences/summits/camps, to serve as their documentation/ideas repository, as we did withIDDS) as well as the focal point for all their online backchannels/comunications.
  • Support an appropriate technology community mentorship program.
  • 2009 target: (First steps to setting up? Or finding existing programs and supporting them?)
  • To encourage and facilitate communication and aid community members in their work and help them connect with like-minded people.
  • 2009 target: Install and test new communication and social networking features; to publish a regular newsletter; to set up a planet (aggregated blog) for appropriate technology blogs.

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