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Video[edit | edit source]

OpenClimate call #02
How does open data work for decision-makers? Do they need more data (amount, sources)?
  • How is using open data different in different contexts (kinds of work, geographies, etc)?
  • Why are people going to other kinds of data? Are there other competing alternatives to open data? Are there practicality issues or tradeoffs with open data?
  • What kinds of impact does open data create? How are end-users using it in the workflows?
  • What challenges do you run into when talking with other people in your space about open data?

Presenters: Ana Grijalva (UNDP Accelerator Lab Ecuador); Angela Eaton (Open Environmental Data)

Facilitator: Emilio Velis

Presentations[edit | edit source]

Ana Grijalva[edit | edit source]

DPPD Ecuador OpenClimate.pdf