Multichannel Pipette Literature Review

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Multichannel Pipette Literature Review[edit | edit source]

Hans Jirgen Bigus Uhl, “MULTI-CHANNEL PIPETTE DEVICE” Patent Application Publication

  • each pipette channel has at least one associated, separate micro membrane pump for dosed Suction and/or discharge of fluids
  • informative for the basic structure
  • tells us about the internal working


  • Give a detailed insight into the working of a multichannel pipette containing a single cylinder for each individual channel.
  • Discusses the advantages of being able to replace a single cylinder at a time, depending on the requirement.
  • Elaborates on the mechanism used to eject spent tips without touching them.


  • Design for 8 nozzle pipette with the varying distance between adjacent tips is achieved using the inline alignment technique which is controlled by using the knob like fasteners
  • working mechanism is explained here with the minute part details

Martin Klingenberg, “When a common problem meets an ingenious mind” The invention of the modern micropipette"EMBO Reports"

  • invention of the piston-driven, plastic-tip micropipette
  • breakthrough in the invention of the micropipette
  • introduction of coaxial springs

EPPENDORF "Single nozzle pipette user manual"

  • How Does Pipette work is explained and the principle on which it is based is explained
  • How to use the pipette properly and overcome the general mistakes made while using pipette are explained
  • Maintaince of the pipette is also explained

"Multichannel pipettes - the easy way to increase productivity" article by Carole Staniford, Anachem Bioscience.

  • This article talks about the increasing demand of Multichannel pipettes with the advent of microtiter plates. Due to the arrangement of wells in a microtiter plates, the multichannel pipette also has some of the other combination of 4-12 channels to facilitate ease of use.
  • It elaborates on Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) that can be caused due to the use of single-channel pipettes to conduct large scale laboratory tests.
  • The author further talks about different ISO standardization for Piston Operated Volumetric Apparatus (pipettes). She also explains the process and the number of tests needed for the validation and standardization of a multichannel pipette.

"Open source 3D-printed 1000 microlitre micropump" by Jorge Bravo-Martinez

  • rack-pinion mechanism used in the pipette is explained
  • Cost estimation is done Using BOM and the material used
  • pipette validation is bt taking some sample value

"Open Design 3D-Printable Adjustable Micropipette that Meets the ISO Standard for Accuracy" by the department of bioengineering, University of Illinois, Chicago

  • assembly process of the 3D printed parts are explained
  • sample validation is explained using a formula-based and sampling technique which helps in error adjustment

Meredith Juncker "How to Do Pipette Calibration"

  • Calibration methods
  • Calculations

John Blues, David Bayliss, Mike Buckley"The Calibration and Use of Piston Pipettes" National Physical Laboratory

  • Classification and design between fixed and variable volume designs
  • Testing and calibration of the pipettes
  • Uncertainty contribution of the pipette.

Article by Kornelia Ewald, Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany "Impact of pipetting techniques on precision and accuracy"

  • This article talks about the advantages and limitations of mechanical pipettes on various dispensing techniques.
  • The author further specifies optimum handling techniques of pipettes that would substantially increase the the accuracy of pipetting.

Kornelia Ewald ["Impact of pipetting techniques on precision and accuracy"] Eppendorf AG

  • Various dispensing techniques are being discussed
  • concepts of forward and reverse pipetting
  • Optimum handling of manual pipettes

Article on "Guide to Pipetting"

  • The article talks about difference between air dispensing pipettes and positive displacement pipettes while also elaborating on their internal mechanism.
  • Further the author explain the effect of various environmental factors or the accuracy of pipetting in the case of air dispensing pipettes.
  • It explains the calibrations techniques and goes further to elaborate on the calculations behind it.
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