1. solid state switches, relays instead of mechanical
  2. graphene for use in ultra-capacitors
  3. PV and organic PV over fossil fuel use
  4. OLED displays reduce need for backlight and are thinner over LCD
  5. quantum hall effect reduce B necessary
  6. Multi-functional materials - e.g. PV for building materials -- that can reduce overall building material use
  7. more advanced PV cuts material use in the PV but also the BOS
  8. PV replacement of batteries
  9. size reduction on electronics
  10. mutliuse devices -- see for example the long list of devices potentially eliminated with Hardware replaced by a smartphone
  11. remote energy savings - control furnace from airport
  12. thermostat controls

Energy efficiency improvements from semiconductor applications[edit | edit source]

  1. hybrid electric vehicles
  2. LED over both CFL and incandescent lighting
  3. photovoltaics
  4. more efficient inverters, DC/DC converters
  5. quantum hall effect reduces energy use in elecro-magnet
  6. reduced power usage in computers - via Quantum spin hall effect
  7. travel to stores - e-shopping
  8. travel for social interaction, education, work (telecommuting), banking, commerce, etc.

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