Living green

, not just a noble goal but rapidly becoming an essential goal, essential to our planet and essential to our personal integrity.

Greenness as to our philosophy of life has been expressed in so many ways, ‘making a small footprint' or ‘living lightly on Earth' but it all boils down to taking Nature, Gaia, Earth and our environment into consideration when filling our own needs, the ideal being that we fill our needs without much effect upon the Earth. We should live in harmony with Nature and our planet, not in conflict.

There is an old word luckily not heard much now, ‘to wrest'. Man would wrest what he needs from Nature. This means to take in a rough, violent, twisting, grabbing way. In olden times one would hear that a man had to wrest his living from the land. We now can see the end results of such a philosophy. Today we more tend to ask for what we need in a gentler way, and hopefully to pay back for what we take in the act. Ideally we leave Earth a better place than it was when we came on stage. That is living green, ladies and gentlemen. Shall we?

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