Relevant techniques include:

  • Towel cooking: When a pot simply needs to be kept near boiling point (or higher in the case of a pressure cooker) taking it off the heat and wrapping it in a towel makes an instant fireless cooker.

Relevant technologies include:

  • Natural gas rather than electricity. However, avoid the escape of unburnt gas, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.
  • A retained heat cooker (hay basket or fireless cooker) to extend cooking time and keep food hot for 3-4 hours after cooking.
  • An appropriate solar cooker model whenever the sun is shining. In modern kitchens this might be a task for the tinkerer or a project for children (avoid parabolas for safety reasons). In warm and warm-temperate climates, simple cookers can be surprisingly effective.
  • Where wood is used as a fuel, an improved cookstove (i.e. efficient cook stove) for use when there is not sufficient sunshine for a solar cooker.
  • Integrated cooking combines retained heat, solar, and improved cookstove, as appropriate.
  • Pressure cooker.
  • Raw Food Reduces energy use & retains more nutrition. Includes Sprouting and Fermenting.

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