Markus Petz Cool! Can we hold a kasvitietiotalkoot there? um 23:25 · Kommentieren ·Gefällt mirGefällt mir nicht mehr · Melden Satu Kalpio Hi Markus ! Sure you can have a trip to learn plants in any national park, but if I understood right this project is about plants in the city environment ?

In national park you are not allowed to pick plants (just berries) but mushrooms are okei to pick - and Lauhanvuori is in fact a very good national park for mushrooming ! vor 43 Minuten ·

Markus Petz no its wider than that we want to encourage sustainable foraging in national parks too. If you look at the signs we made already you will see that berries are included. We hope to have fungi too in the Fall. ja...

vor 31 Minuten · Satu Kalpio It is a good idea you have there. In national parks it is a bit more strict what you can do, but picking berries (not leaves of the plant, just the fruit) and mushrooms is ok almost anywhere. To put any signs into the landscape is a completely different matter - for that you would need a permit. But temporary signs might be ok if you wanna make an event just for a for day or two. But you have to ask for a permit (you can start from me when or if current.)

Talkoot[edit | edit source]

It has been proposed to run a kasvitietotalkoot. It is being co-ordinated in co-operation with those in Hirvitalo that took part in Pixelache 2010 events.

Date is



See the park here

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