KickStart's mission is to help millions of people out of poverty. We promote sustainable economic growth and employment creation in Kenya and other countries by developing and promoting technologies that can be used by dynamic entrepreneurs to establish and run profitable small scale enterprises.

KickStart believes that self-motivated private entrepreneurs managing small-scale enterprises are the most effective agents for developing economies.

These entrepreneurs can raise small amounts of capital ($100-$1,000 US) to start a new enterprise. KickStart can help them to to identify viable business opportunities, access the technologies required to launch the new enterprises, and widely market new products.

In addition to promoting small enterprise development, KickStart's technologies, expertise, and methods are widely applied throughout Africa to support programs in agriculture, shelter, water, sanitation, health, and relief.

The Organization[edit | edit source]

KickStart is an international Non-Governmental/Non-Profit Organization (NGO) that was founded in Kenya in July 1991 by Nick Moon and Martin Fisher.

KickStart has offices in Kenya, Tanzania, and Mali. We have engineers and technicians that design and develop our award winning products. We also have trainers and promoters to explain the benefits of our products to our customers.

KickStart developed a unqiue model in Kenya that is now being replicated in other African countries. We established an amitious goal to expand our program in East Africa and open new programs in Southern and west Africa to help millions more people out of poverty. More on our approach.

To raise funds for this expansion KickStart has now established a 501(c)3 non-profit in the United States and opened a new development and collaboration office in the San Francisco bay area.

KickStart's market and private-sector oriented approach ensures that the impacts of its program become fully self-sustaining in local economies. Technologies are installed in the private sector and continue to be produced, marketed, and used by entrepreneurs to create thousands of vibrant new businesses and jobs, long after KickStart's interventions have ceased.

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