Thebcm27 (talk) 07:26, 24 April 2017 (PDT)

    1. Enabling of a basis for standardized filament
    2. Printer body made from same materials for ease of construction
    3. Removal of all 3rd party plastic components
    4. Enable the ability to select a printers component material
    5. Printer made out of carbon fiber for regularity and high quality control
    6. Duel extruder heads for duel filament types
    7. Subtracted printer frame for less material use
    8. Base plate differences for filament removal
    9. Temperature controlled printer manufactured environment
    10. Added materials to printer case for removal of access points
    11. Increasing the number of supports between the case and the surface
    12. Adding printer filament reload cartridge
    13. Smelting side box for filament recycle into filament wire
    14. Limiting printer case frame for cheaper construction
    15. Automatic filament reloading system for continuous printing
    16. ability to print food
    17. Ability to dissolve entire printer into base component for easy re-printing
    18. Ability to print rock and metal type components
    19. Ability to weld two prints together
    20. Ability to print circuits and high quality wire
    21. Ability to fabrics
    22. Ability to print micro-nano-tubes
    23. Ability to print plasma state matter
    24. Ability to add liquid type components to fill print
    25. Ability to manufacture batman materials

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