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Published 2007
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  • hard contacting NGOs
  • shelter is a social problem
  • shelters that fold flat and pop up
  • portable, easy to assemble, rapid deployment
  • modular materials, general carpentry, makes flat materials into structural forms
  • lots of homeless in America, but shipping tents wouldn't fix it
  • lots of disaster-type natural events in the developed world, but most of the victims are in the developing world. This is an issue of economics.
  • field hospital has to be operational 24 hours after a disaster
    • in Pakistan it took 10 days
  • UN recommends helping people build their own shelters
  • how?
  • can we ship information to help people understand how to build structures using what they have here
  • answer: grid shells
  • picture: it's a geodesic-looking array, made in the general form of a lattice weave. quite nice!
  • modular materials
    • conduit
    • rebar
    • bamboo or saplings
  • simple joinery
    • ping, cable ties, straps, scarf
  • flat assembly
    • lay down the sticks and lash them together in a pattern
    • when you stand it up it turns into a shape that looks a lot like a geodesic dome
    • looks damn cool!
  • looking for testing with local materials and labor force - who can help him find a testing vehicle.