Recycle Power Radio[edit | edit source]

  • Description: Hand crank radio, receives AM, FM, TV1, TV2, and Weather, has a LED light, siren, and cell phone charger attachments. A small Hand Crank recharges the battery using Human power.
  • Justification: Recharges battery using human power not grid power.
  • Issues: Made mainly of plastic, some metal and fabric. Not recyclable and Batteries will become hazardous waste.
  • Location: Portable

Thermal Curtains[edit | edit source]

  • Description: Thermal curtains replace existing curtains with a material that contains insulation properties. The curtains are made of four layers:
    1. the outside layer which is a decorative material that can only be seen from the outside
    2. a layer of thin cotton material
    3. a layer of thin mylar plastic
    4. another layer of decorative material which can only be seen from the inside. Once assembled and trimmed to size the curtains are pinned tightly to the window. This material effectively reduces the heat loss through the windows.
  • Justification: Thermal curtains are considered to be appropriate technology because it implements a more energy efficient design than thin traditional curtains. The result is a warmer room that stays at a comfortable temperature with minimal energy input.
  • Issues: These thermal curtains do not let in any natural light into the room. This does not allow the room to take advantage of any solar gain.
  • Location: Arcata, California

Phantom Loads and Non-edible Power Bars[edit | edit source]

  • Description: This is a power bar with a TV, playstation, speaker set and VCR plugged into it.
  • Justification: This is an AT because most or all of these electronics have Phantom loads, that is, even when they are turned off they are still using electricity. By putting all these electronics on one power bar, you may shut off the power entirely all at once, instead of having to unplug and replug in electronics individually each time you'd like to use one.
  • Issues:Some things on the power bar may occasionally be used individually creating a problem that when you turn on the power bar to use that one electronic item, all the other electronics begin using electricity again.
  • Location: at a friend's house who actually allows an evil TV into his house.
  • Notes: Useful also because second outlet does not work. An even more Appropriate Technology: never acquire a TV, VCR or playstation!!
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