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Location Humboldt County, California

The Humboldt Bay Eco-Hostel and Center for Sustainable Living is a planned collaborative learning center, in Humboldt County, where visitors can participate in:

  • On-going environmental research
  • Sustainability conferences
  • "Green" business incubation
  • Exhibits and tours
  • Hands-on workshops

Student Projects[edit | edit source]

Fall 2010: HBCSL Somoa Hostel[edit | edit source]

The Fall 2010 semester of Engr215 Introduction to Design worked with Humboldt Bay Center for Sustainable Living to design and build projects to support an eco-hostel in Humboldt County.

Press[edit | edit source]

Contact Information[edit | edit source]

Humboldt Bay Center for Sustainable Living

P.O. Box 309
Arcata, CA 95518
Telephone: 707-822-7931

Get Involved[edit | edit source]

Free free to take part in our crowd sourced research or email ccatsean@gmail.com to volunteer labor expertise.

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