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How to connect to the internet with ASUS USB-N device

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How to Connect from First Install[edit]

  1. Install ASUS drivers from the included CD. To do this, insert the CD and click "AutoStart" if the splash screen doesnt appear. Click the topmost option (install drivers). Select the option to create a desktop icon.
  2. Restart computer.
  3. Insert ASUS USB-N device into computer.
  4. Click on the ASUS WLAN Control Center desktop icon to start the setup and find the network. If this icon was not properly created, go to Start Menu -> All Programs -> ASUS Utility -> WLAN Card -> ASUS WLAN Control Center on windows.
  5. Click the Survey button along the left-hand side.
  6. Click your network to connect to. It will either connect (if theres no password), in which case you are done and online (stop here), or tell you the settings are wrong (continue to next steps).

How to configure a wireless password with ASUS WLAN Control Center[edit]

  1. Click Config along the lefthand side.
  2. Click Basic along the top.
  3. Ensure the Network Name is correct, or blank.
  4. Click the Encryption tab along the top.
  5. Enter the appropriate type of encryption our settings are WEP
  6. Enter the appropriate type of network key format and length.
  7. Enter your passphrase beside Key 1 if this worked your key will be hidden behind *** symbols
  8. Click Apply along the lefthand side.
  9. Click OK along the lefthand.
  10. Save the profile as default if prompted.
  11. Restart ASUS WLAN Control Center if it closed.
  12. Click Survey along the lefthand side.
  13. Click on your network to connect.
  14. Tada internets.

How to ensure this starts when Windows starts[edit]

Another good idea is to have your internet all started up by default (leave the USB adapter in the machine).

  1. In the QuickLaunch taskbar you should see a new icon with a file, 4 dots, and a globe.
  2. Right-click on it and click Preferences in the menu that pops up.
  3. Ensure Launch Control Center on Startup is ticked. This will start the program and should automatically connect to the network you saved in the previous section.
  4. Ensure Remove system tray icon if wireless adapter is not found is not ticked (this will let you easily see that your internet isnt working)
  5. Click ok.
  6. Tada internets when windows starts.