[[Bed bugsBedbugs]] are annoying insects that can cause great trouble in a person's relaxing time.

These insects are small and flat with a reddish-brown appearance. They can befound in both clean and dirty environments. Usually they are transferred from one place to another by means of clothing and touch induction. bed bugsBedbugs feed on human blood. They can survive for long periods without any food intake. Before World War II these pests were under complete control by using insecticides like DDT. Soon after World War II, the use of insecticides was restricted and this lead led to the growth in their population.

Again the The growth in their population is favored by decrease in habitation land which further caused integration of habitation. All these turned out to be the contributing factors for the enormous increase in population of those unwanted insects. Generally, they are found in beds, mattresses, bedding boxes, linens and curtains. Their presence can be identified by pointing out the red spots on the back of a person and sometimes scattered blood stains on mattresses and linens. Today, their population has increased so much that the so-called home remedies for bed bugs hardly control the immense problems caused by them, but at least they can help in the fight against smaller issues.

If the bedbugs are closer to the surface of the bed, then spraying with alcohol or sometimes vacuuming can help to fight against such problems. For sheets and removable fabrics, the bed bugbedbug invasion can be controlled by means of a drier dryer until they die. But in the cold and hot season one can just keep the mattresses and linens in contact with sunlight so that the bugs get killed due to heat exposure.

Home remedies for bedbug control[edit | edit source]

  • Initial or the The first remedial step towards bed bug bedbug control is vacuum cleaning. One can vacuum clean the bed fabrics, as sometimes the bed bugs lie deep within the fabrics, which makes it very difficult for the average vacuum cleaner to pull them out. It really helps to remove all the bugs, any dead skin and other feeding materials that bugs like to feed on and thereby can control their invasion to some extent.
  • Spraying insecticides is not an effective way to treat bed bugsbedbugs. Most insecticides are recommended for outdoor use, and thus their inhalation is harmful for indoor usage. Such sprays can also cause skin irritation. Thus, one mustIt is best to opt for people-friendly insecticides which do not cause any harm to the person using it. In this respect diatomaceous earth is a famous name. It is a chalklike material which is harmful to bedbugs instead of human beings.
  • The bedbugs thrive in temperate conditions, that is, in to say an environment which is neither too hot nor too cold. Temperate conditions can be used to check their population. A prolonged exposure to very hot weather or very cold weather can kill them effectively.
  • Another home remedy for bedbugs is to control the pest invasion at the surface by using chemicals, but this is not effective at the deeper levels. It is better to apply chemicals after locating the pests.
  • Above all, the most effective and guaranteed way to get rid of them is by hiring a professional pest controller or exterminator for a complete sweep, although this can be expensive.

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