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Talk:Home remedies for bed bugs

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  1. The dictionary shows “bedbug” as one word, not two. OK to change?
  2. The main title and the first subhead have almost the same title. Recommend changing the article title – as written, it sounds like it’s about remedies for curing ailing bedbugs! Suggest changing the title to “Controlling bedbugs in your home” and making the first subhead “Home remedies for controlling bedbugs” or something similar.
  3. Recommend combining the first sentence and the second paragraph into one paragraph.
  4. Can you explain what you mean by “touch induction” in the second paragraph? Do you simply mean touch?
  5. Eliminate the definite article “the” before “bedbugs” as you’re talking about bedbugs in general, not any specific bugs. Also eliminate “the” before “World War II.”
  6. The first sentence of the third paragraph is unclear; can you explain what you mean by “integration of habitation?”
  7. The fourth paragraph begins the discussion of home remedies and should be moved under the first subheading for logical flow.
  8. In the last sentence of the fourth paragraph, you say that heat exposure from sunlight will kill bedbugs, but you mention doing this in both the cold and the hot seasons. Is the reference to the cold season an error? Please clarify.
  9. Can you explain how diatomaceous earth would be used to eliminate bedbugs?
  10. Can you clarify the comment in the seventh paragraph about using temperate conditions to check their population?
  11. In the second to the last paragraph, what chemicals are you referring to, and how would they be applied?
  12. The final two paragraphs recommending the use of chemicals or a professional exterminator seem to conflict with the warning not to use insecticides. Isn’t that what an exterminator would use? Please clarify.

comment by Klaundrie, 6 September 2011.

Thanks for the feedback. Note there's also probably a lot of overlap in pages here - we have Bedbugs (background information about the critters), [[Control and trea--Chriswaterguy 06:13, 6 September 2011 (PDT)tment of bedbugs]], and Bedbugs, fleas and lice (because some of the tips for one also apply to the others). It might be a good idea to merge some of that - at least reduce the page count by one, e.g. by merging this page to Control and treatment of bedbugs? That would help answer some of the questions here, too. (If merging happens, leave an appropriate note in the comment field, about where the new content came from, so that anyone who wants to can trace the contributions).
That's making this editing job much bigger I know! But just do what you're able, and give your advice - thanks! I'm guessing that a lot of this page was contributed by a non-native speaker - which is cool, but it just means a few things are expressed in non-standard ways. My comments re the questions:
1. OK to change
2. Title change OK.
3. Agreed.
4. I'm guessing “touch induction” was intended to just mean transfer by touch.
5. Agreed
6. I think it means their habitat becoming the same as our habitat...? Wikipedia:Bedbugs says "Most species feed on humans only when other prey are unavailable." Still, I don't think this sentence makes much sense - feel free to remove.
7. Agreed.
8. That's odd - in winter you'd have to work much harder to kill bedbugs by the heat of the sun. Use your judgement. It's true though, that they're sensitive to heat.
9. Possibly by attaching to the bedbugs and drying them out?
10. I'd delete that sentence. I think the intended meaning is that by knowing that temperate conditions favor them, we can use hot or cold to control them.
11. Not sure. Where information is needed, if you don't want to do the research yourself, then add a {{clarify}} tag, which will show up like this.please clarify That's especially reasonable if your focus is on copyediting rather than research.
12. There are pest control people that specialize in non-chemical control. (Exterminators might be the wrong word in their case.) Agreed it's unclear, and needs rewriting.