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Bedbugs (or bed bugs) fleas and lice cause great discomfort, and may spread disease.

This page is intended as a general guide to reduce such pests. For the specific pest, see its own page:

What is biting me?[edit | edit source] Spider and Bug Bite Treatment Guide has pictures, but the bed bug bites don't look the same as many other pictures available.

If there is a definitive guide to identifying bites, please add it here!

Control[edit | edit source]

Beware of pesticide use, especially on beds: significant amounts may be needed, which is harmful for the people using the beds.

These methods are recommended for bedbugs - would they work for fleas and lice as well?

  • Hang or spread sheets and blankets in the sun often.
  • If there appear to be bedbugs, pour boiling water on the bed and wash the sheets and blankets.
  • Salt water kills bedbugs. Soaking a bed in salt water is a method used by locals in Kenya.[1]