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Physical Exam Maneuvers[edit | edit source]

Blumberg's Sign (Rebound Tenderness)[edit | edit source]

Deep abdominal palpation followed by sudden release of pressure causes severe pain indicating peritonitis. This is a result of peritoneal inflammation.


Rovsing's Sign[edit | edit source]

Pain in the right lower quadrant when pressure is applied in the left lower quadrant. This pain can be a result of peritoneal irritation as a result of an inflamed appendix.


Obturator Sign[edit | edit source]

Pain with passive rotation of the flexed right hip, which commonly presents in patients with a pelvic appendicitis. This pain is a result of an inflamed appendix in the pelvis coming in contact with the obturator internus muscle.


Psoas Sign[edit | edit source]

Pain on extension of the right hip (commonly presents in patients with retrocecal appendix) . This pain is a result of an inflamed retrocecal appendix coming in contact with the iliopsoas group of hip flexors.

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