A large body of do-it-yourself hexayurt building information has been created by Vinay Gupta and average folk who made their own. Incidentally, a lot of the average folks attend the Burning Man Arts Festival, which is hosted in a windy, hot desert. Hexayurts made with rigid insulation are great in that environment. Whatever you're planning to build a hexayurt for, you can find all variety of hexayurt shapes and sizes, and instructions at Hexayurt playa. If you're interested in more about plywood hexayurts, see hexayurt.com.

Youtube[edit | edit source]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEFKOlZXzn0 (8' Hexayurt Assembly)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKS4yJto44Y (6' Stretch Hexayurt Assembly)

Quicktime[edit | edit source]

Higher quality but we pay for the bandwidth. Please download these and save them locally if you want to view them frequently.

http://files.howtolivewiki.com/tape_anchors.mov (7M) (How to make Tape Anchors - the tie-downs between the roof components and the guy lines on the larger hexayurts)

http://files.howtolivewiki.com/6_foot_stretch_hexayurt assembly.web.mov (56M) (6' Stretch Hexayurt Assembly)

http://files.howtolivewiki.com/8_foot_hexayurt_assembly_video.mov (39M) (8' Hexayurt Assembly)