Grameen Foundation Australia advocates for the use of microfinance in development aid; however this is part of a comprehensive solution, not a panacea.

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The Grameen Foundation Australia replicates the Grameen Bank model within South East Asia. It has a project in the Philippines, East Timor.

The Australian arm of the bank, the Grameen Foundation Australia, oversees, funds and assists many projects in the region. One such project, in the island province of Northern Samar, in the eastern Philippines, serves 10,000 poor and aims to reach 70,000 clients. They are borrowing money to buy tools and raw materials, lease land, pay for their children's education and repair their homes.[1]

Grameen Australia is negotiating a large microcredit project in East Timor, where a small Grameen replication is already functioning. Plans are also under way to initiate a pilot project in Afghanistan. Initial research indicates that the security situation and other conditions in Afghanistan are right to put working capital in the hands of masses of self-employed women and men.[1]

"The Australian foundation works very closely with the Grameen Bank, we do very much the same kind of work but focusing on countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and East Timor." (said Shan Ali).

...The Australian branch works in partnership with the Grameen Bank and the Grameen Trust, and supports a large number of development projects in developing nations around the world.

...Mr Ali said there was a core group of about 100 workers for the foundation in Australia with a membership of about 10,000 who help[2] promote the ideals of self-sufficiency for the poor and giving the needy a chance to realise their true potential.

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