In order to make your content searchable over Appropedia and externally, it is important to consider the following search optimization techniques.

Page Content Optimization[edit | edit source]

Optimizing content on the module page allows search engines to parse and find data that learners are looking for easily. Content optimization means having the right content in the right place. That means adding images, summary, table of contents for the module, etc.

Naming Conventions[edit | edit source]

Naming conventions means tagging your module with the name that users search for normally. This could include abbreviations and medical terminologies for the modules.

Other than that, while uploading images and pdf, make sure for them to have the filenames and captions relevant to the content. For example, if you have a CPR simulation using AED, naming the file this instead of 123.png will give it more accessibility over appropedia and other search engines.

Headings[edit | edit source]

Search engines parse documents online on the basis of headings and names and then rank pages according to the relevance. Providing the right headings is important for users to be able to find the content they are looking for.

URLs[edit | edit source]

This is one of the most important pointers to consider while creating content. Creating a page with a name that defines what it is allows you to create a URL which is uniquely searchable.

For example, if your module is named Crash Savers and you have an assessment page for it. Naming it as Crash_Savers/Assessment would allow it to be searched better than naming it Assessment1 or Test1.

Linking[edit | edit source]

External and internal linking is important for backlinking and allowing the search function to find your modules. If the content creators are exporting their modules from their external websites, linking with them will allow for search-ability to be increased.

Content Organization[edit | edit source]

Organizing content in multiple pages and linking them to the main module page instead of having everything on one module page is also one of the good practices for this purpose.

Team Names[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, people search content with the names of content creators. Having the content creator names and description on the modules will allow search engines to find and rank these pages higher making them more visible.

Third Party Advertising[edit | edit source]

Advertising modules with relevant third party websites will also increase visibility and ranking for the surgical trainings. For example, if you are working with a hospital or school, having them link to appropedia pages for learning purposes can be an approach for third party advertising.

Keyword Tagging[edit | edit source]

Adding the right keywords can help you make your content consistent with other modules in our repository. It also helps sort the modules on the basis of keywords and also allow it to make more searchable on the web.

You can use this search function to type in module name or content that you are creating and find sorted keyword lists for categories such as pathology, equipment, subskills, etc.

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