A bicycle gives health and fun, and saves transport costs.

This page is a list of gifts you can give your loved ones that contribute to a sustainable world and continue to provide goods, services, and/or economic savings for them long after you have given the initial gift.

Some gifts can be quite large and expensive, while others small and inexpensive depending on your budget. The idea is steer your own personal gift giving away from the destructive consumer culture - and point it more towards helping create a sustainable world. Particularly for gifts that can help people in times of economic hardship it is often easier to make the sustainable choice.

Please add to the list. And add your thoughts to the discussion page about the entire idea.

Gifts to Avoid Future Costs[edit | edit source]

  • Housing to prevent rent
  • CSA, food, gift certificate for organic produce, vitamins to prevent both food costs and reduce medical expenses
  • Non-consumables for items a family needs (e.g. permanent safety razor)

Transportation[edit | edit source]

  • Bicycles
  • Public transportation pass - bus pass, subway tokens, or train vouchers
  • Hybrid car to replace standard vehicles
  • Automobile tuneup - inflate tires, etc. to improve fuel efficiency

Gifts that Create Revenue Streams[edit | edit source]

Appropriate technologies - of course.

Energy Conservation Measures[edit | edit source]

Any energy savings will save the family money year after year - while reducing their ecological footprint.

Farming and Gardening[edit | edit source]

  • Animals
  • Seeds
  • Tools and Equipment

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