Hose and pipe types[edit | edit source]

Rubber type hose[edit | edit source]

Various types available. When used for automotive applications it should comply with the relevant DIN 73379, ISO 19013 or SAE J 30 standard.

DIN 73379 includes

  • type A
  • type B
  • type C
  • type E

SAE J 30 includes

  • SAE 30R6 - standard low pressure fuel hose
  • SAE 30R7 - standard low pressure fuel hose
  • SAE 30R9 - reinforced to handle higher pressures up to 180 psi and resist more aggressive fuels including alcohols, alcohol fuel blends, and biodiesel.
  • SAE 30R10 - for applications where the hose will be submerged in the fuel - in tank.
  • SAE 30R11
  • SAE 30R12

Nylon pipe[edit | edit source]

Nylon pipe is often used in automotive applications. Where used in automotive aplications it should comply with DIN 73378.

Material compatibility[edit | edit source]

Care must be taken over the material compatibility of the fuel pipes and hoses and fuels to be utilised

Fuel pipe and hose diameter[edit | edit source]

The fuel system pipe and hose work has to be sized to give a sufficient flow of fuel to the engine without excessive suction being created in the suction side of the fuel supply system. Excessive suction will cause air to be drawn into the fuel system at hose joints, fuel filter gaskets (where operated in the suction side of the fuel supply system), etc.

The effects of restrictions in the fuel supply system are cumulative, a short tight restriction will not cause as much effect as a long pipe of slightly reduced diameter. The effect of doubling the diameter of a pipe or hose is to reduce the flow restriction by 16 times.

Poiseuille's Law which describes the effect of pipe diameter of flow

Clear fuel pipe and hose[edit | edit source]

Introducing sections of clear hose or pipe into the fuel system is useful for diagnosing fuel supply problems.

Hose clamps[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia hose clamp page

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