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Foliage plants

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Foliage plants are plants considered to have decorative, colourful and interesting leaves. Such plants can create interesting garden spaces and can provide shade, colour and cover for a range of needs.

Using foliage for decoration and cover has a benefit of being a long-lasting effect that can outlast shorter term flowers and annuals. This can have such benefits as ongoing decorative appeal, longer term shading or cover and even food sources where relevant.

Types of foliage plants[edit]

Foliage plants include houseplants, ground cover, ornamental grasses, herbs and container plants.

Selecting foliage plants[edit]


When choosing foliage plants, some things to consider include:

  • The colours - is there a particular grouping of colours needed in the area the plant or plants are being placed?
  • The ability of the foliage plants to cope with the temperature ranges
  • If indoors, the suitability of the plant for growing in a container and being indoors

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