The overall aim of Fashion Revolution Encyclopedia is to raise awareness amongst citizens about the importance of genuinely loving our clothes by providing them with the necessary tools to build meaningful relationships with their wardrobes and with the way they dress. We seek to cause a shift in habits and to make a positive impact on society and on the environment. This would be achieved by encouraging people to extend the lives of their clothes and by teaching them to be mindful fashion users and consumers.

Fashion Revolution Encyclopedia as a whole responds to the Fashion Activism & Global Education strategic objective in that the webpage would serve as a learning tool for people who want to know more about what is in their clothes, how they are made, and how to best care for what they already own. This space also enables people to talk to upcyclers one-on-one through El Consultorio de la Moda; and it also encourages users to share questions, information, and their own experiences with others. This way, it would bring revolutionaries closer together —regardless of where they live and of their degree of knowledge on the subject.