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Face mask wire band

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Face mask wire band
Description A simple alternative to 3D printed ear relief bands for using face masks.
Intended use Medical, Protective equipment
Keywords covid-19, face mask, pandemic
Documentation language English
Appropedia user
Project status Prototype
Project was made yes
Date of publication 2020-07-07
Countries of design El Salvador
Project affiliation
Main materials wire
Estimated cost USD .1
SDG Sustainable Development Goal 3

This wire band is a first prototype of a low-cost face mask band to address the lack of 3D printers and the overall cost of printing bands in El Salvador. This design takes only two minutes to make and can be made anywhere to ensure a better fit and a safe use of protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This design is intended to substitute 3D printed designs such as the one currently recommended by the NIH in order to ensure access to people in settings where 3D printers are not available, and to reduce dependency of providers for plastic bands.



The wire is simply bent in the shape shown in the photo. I experimented with other shapes such as a ring. Once a design is proven comfortable, and there is a demand for them, these bands could be assenbled with the use of metal guides to reduce the time and standardize sizes and shapes.


The band is wore behind the head as it is shown in the image. This solution can be used to design other wire shapes to be more adaptable and safe to use in a medical setting.

Wire face mask band.jpg
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A simple alternative to 3D printed ear relief bands for using face masks. +
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Face mask wire band +