This article deals around the production of ethanol.

Fermentation[edit | edit source]

See Ethanol-based hand sanitizer + include fermentation from other crops (ie grain, ...)

Distillation[edit | edit source]

To make ethanol, commercial devices are available[1], ie Mr. Distiller which is a countertop appliance about the size of a large coffee machine</ref>, but diy-still designs have now also become available via the internet. [2] [3][4] Popular diy stills include pot stills, and reflux stills. The latter may be equipped with a long fractionating column for optimal efficiency. Another subtype is the crockpot-type still which uses ice for cooling , and stills that use either worms or jacketed cores as condensors. [5]

A DIY reflux still with fractionating column (instant 94% ethanol) can be made with metal tubing and a pot still. See this website

The "two dollar crockpot still" is a cheap diy-still made out of a crock pot, a piece of 1/4 inch copper tubing and a plastic milk jug filled with ice.[6]

Note that a reboiler may or may not be present in the design. Also note that some stills are heated using wood[7] However, as ethanol tends to be best distilled at 77°C-78°C[8], the use of gas or electricity may be preferred as it allows more accurate temperature control.

Applications[edit | edit source]

Small scale distillation is practiced by many for the purpose of making moonshine[9][10], although sometimes it is also practiced for creating (bio)fuel [11].

For AT-purposes, ethanol is also useful as it can be used in healthcare: this in the intrest of disinfection (see Ethanol-based hand sanitizer) and as an ingredient in making tinctures. Finally, ethanol is also a good preservative, hence increasing the shelf life of certain foods/beverages.

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