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Authors Garrett McElroy
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I've been working with electric bikes for almost 3 years now and as I was browsing my favorite site looking for new ideas I stumbled upon a electric mountain board and started doing research. I started becoming more and more interested in working with rc motors and finally took the plunge making one for myself.

Parts[edit | edit source]

Board: MBS Comp 95x from MBS Mountainboards.

Motor: Turnigy SK3 6364 from AsiaTees

Sprockets : Scooter sprocket and Motor Sprocket from Electric Scooter Parts

Aluminum pieces: from the scrap yard

The batteries, controller, and throttle were all ordered from AsiaTees

Batteries: Two 22.2v 5Ah lipo batteries.

Controller: 150amp car ESC

Throttle: Wireless 2.4 ghz

Other parts: Wire, electrical tape, wire connectors, nuts and bolts, zip ties, tie down straps.

How to Build[edit | edit source]

Figure 1: MBS Comp 95X. (Photo by Garrett McElroy)

Gather your needed parts and supplies. Most important determine which motor you want and what board you want to use. Also you will need these tools. Tools Used: Socket set, Sawhorses, Hacksaw (or equivalent), Hammer, Adjustable wrenches, Hex key wrenches, Pliers, Clamps, Drill and bits, Grinder ( or equivalent), Metal files, Wire stripper, Chain breaker, soldering iron.

Figure 2: L channel (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

Went to the scrap yard and found some aluminum L-channel. This is what I used to make motor mount/bracket piece form.

Figure 3: Main part of mount (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

I measured, cut and drilled the holes for the mount using the truck as your template since it will be bolted to the truck using the pre-existing brake mounting holes.

Figure 3: Main part of mount (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

I also cut a v out of the center to allow for the mount to sit flush and allow for side to side movement of the truck.

Figure 4: motor mount . (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

Using pieces cut from the aluminum, a piece scavenged from another project I was able to come up with this mount. ( This will be different for everyone ) Once the mount was made I mounted the motor using the mounting screws that were provided.

Figure 5: Sprocket mounting. (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

Using the brake disc provided with the mountain board as a mount for the drive sprocket I drilled the holes and bolted it up making sure there was enough space for the chain to clear.

Disc mount used as mounting plate for drive sprocket.
Figure 6: . (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

After I mounted the drive sprocket to the wheel I installed the motor side sprocket and the chain. ( NOTE* You need to grind down a flat spot on the motor shaft so that the set screw has a flat surface to lock down on.) Also check for chain alignment before tightening down the set screw.

Figure 7: . (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

I mounted the controller using industrial 3m velcro as well as the receiver for the wireless remote.

Figure 8: Battery packs wired up and ready to go. (Photo by Garrett McElroy )

After getting everything mounted and ready I hooked up the batteries in parallel to give me 22.2v 10ah and used Velcro strapping to hold it to the board.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Material Cost ($) Quantity Total ($)
Mountain Board 369.99 1 369.99
Turnigy SK3 6364 67.31 + shipping 1 79.24
Motor sprockets 9.95 1 9.95
Drive sprockets 15.95 1 15.95
Motor Controller 62.55 1 73.55
Chain 11.22 1 11.22
Aluminium L-Channel 13.56 1 13.56
Wireless Controller 2.4ghz 19.70 1 25.89
Turnigy 22.2v Lipo 46.66 2 85.32

Conclusions[edit | edit source]


Contact details[edit | edit source]

Garrett McElroy

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