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Electric Mountain Board

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Electric Mountain Board.
I've been working with electric bikes for almost 3 years now and as I was browsing my favorite site looking for new ideas I stumbled upon a electric mountain board and started doing research. I started becoming more and more interested in working with rc motors and finally took the plunge making one for myself.


Board: MBS Comp 95x from MBS Mountainboards.

Motor: Turnigy SK3 6364 from AsiaTees

Sprockets : Scooter sprocket and Motor Sprocket from Electric Scooter Parts

Aluminum pieces: from the scrap yard

The batteries, controller, and throttle were all ordered from AsiaTees

Batteries: Two 22.2v 5Ah lipo batteries.

Controller: 150amp car ESC

Throttle: Wireless 2.4 ghz

Other parts: Wire, electrical tape, wire connectors, nuts and bolts, zip ties, tie down straps.

How to Build[edit]

How to Build your own Electric Mountain Board
Figure 1: MBS Comp 95X. (Photo by Garrett McElroy) Step 1: Gather your needed parts and supplies. Most important determine which motor you want and what board you want to use. Also you will need these tools.

Tools Used: Socket set, Sawhorses, Hacksaw (or equivalent), Hammer, Adjustable wrenches, Hex key wrenches, Pliers, Clamps, Drill and bits, Grinder ( or equivalent), Metal files, Wire stripper, Chain breaker, soldering iron.

Figure 2: L channel (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 2: Went to the scrap yard and found some aluminum L-channel. This is what I used to make motor mount/bracket piece form.
Figure 3: Main part of mount  (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 3: I measured, cut and drilled the holes for the mount using the truck as your template since it will be bolted to the truck using the pre-existing brake mounting holes.
Figure 3: Main part of mount  (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 3b: I also cut a v out of the center to allow for the mount to sit flush and allow for side to side movement of the truck.
Figure 4: motor mount . (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 4: Using pieces cut from the aluminum, a piece scavenged from another project I was able to come up with this mount. ( This will be different for everyone ) Once the mount was made I mounted the motor using the mounting screws that were provided.
Figure 5: Sprocket mounting. (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 5: Using the brake disc provided with the mountain board as a mount for the drive sprocket I drilled the holes and bolted it up making sure there was enough space for the chain to clear.
Disc mount used as mounting plate for drive sprocket.
Figure 6: . (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 6: After I mounted the drive sprocket to the wheel I installed the motor side sprocket and the chain. ( NOTE* You need to grind down a flat spot on the motor shaft so that the set screw has a flat surface to lock down on.) Also check for chain alignment before tightening down the set screw.
Figure 7: . (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 7: I mounted the controller using industrial 3m velcro as well as the receiver for the wireless remote.
Figure 8: Battery packs wired up and ready to go. (Photo by Garrett McElroy ) Step 8: After getting everything mounted and ready I hooked up the batteries in parallel to give me 22.2v 10ah and used Velcro strapping to hold it to the board.


Material Cost ($) Quantity Total ($)
Mountain Board 369.99 1 369.99
Turnigy SK3 6364 67.31 + shipping 1 79.24
Motor sprockets 9.95 1 9.95
Drive sprockets 15.95 1 15.95
Motor Controller 62.55 1 73.55
Chain 11.22 1 11.22
Aluminium L-Channel 13.56 1 13.56
Wireless Controller 2.4ghz 19.70 1 25.89
Turnigy 22.2v Lipo 46.66 2 85.32


Contact details[edit]

Garrett McElroy