Friday Social Night[edit | edit source]

Hello all! As our membership is rapidly expanding beyond just SFSU students, we are instituting bi-weekly social nights to discuss club business, expand knowledge of international development, and have some fun.

The plan is to hold these on the second and fourth Friday of every month at 6:00pm. We'll probably change the location to keep things interesting. Or maybe we won't.

So join us this Friday (April 25th!) at 6:00pm at the | Squat and Gobble cafe at 1 W Portal Ave. Note: there are several of these cafes so don't go to the wrong one.

BAY BRIDGE TOUR[edit | edit source]

ASCE and EWB are collaborating on a tour of the Bay Bridge on Thursday, May 15 at 2:00 there is talk of raffling off tickets to attend as seating is limited. If you are interested, contact

SENIOR PROJECT[edit | edit source]

For those of us starting our senior projects next fall, some of us will be designing a medical waste incinerator which will be installed in a medical clinic currently being designed for construction in Haiti.

GRID ALTERNATIVES[edit | edit source]

The Grid Alternatives collaboration is on pause due to a lack of funds. If someone you know is interested in making a $5000 donation to Grid Alternatives, we will have a project and a low income home can have a free solar panel installed

BOLIVIA[edit | edit source]

Time[edit | edit source]

The Bolivia trip will start Aug 1st and last for 3 weeks (that should give you 3 or 4 days to be in CA before classes start). Here is the initial calendar. As of this writing, it lists May 27 as the start date, but the real start date is Aug 1. The calendar should give you and idea of the activities we are considering. Please provide any feedback you have regarding the calendar. currently start man 27 moved to Aug 1

Money[edit | edit source]

We estimate $2000. $1000 for the plane ride. $1000 to cover in country expenses. The budget is currently being worked on

availability[edit | edit source]

There are a total 8 seats. The more we fill, the less we each have to pay for in country costs. Currently 4 have been called for. First come first serve!

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Passport, Yellow Fever Vaccine and a Bolivian visa. Don't buy a plane ticket until you have these.

MEETING[edit | edit source]

We will be having a meeting this week on Tuesday at 12:00pm to discuss all of the issues regarding this trip, if you are interested in going to Bolivia, speak up because it's a first come first served situation.

TANZANIA[edit | edit source]

EWB-SFP (the San Francisco Professional Chapter) is looking for more volunteers for their Tanzania project, so if you are interested, contact David (

BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY[edit | edit source]

Bike to school day will occur on the 24th of April. If you want to help out or just get the low down, go to

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