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About this organization
Keywords mit, laboratory, academic
Type Academic laboratory
Location Massachusetts
Founded 2002
Founders Amy Smith
Area served international devevelopment, engineering, design
Links d-lab.mit.edu
Active? Yes

D-Lab is a suite of classes offered at MIT that focuses on international development, appropriate technologies and sustainable solutions. The D-Lab family of classes is constantly growing, but as of the fall 2009 it consists of 9 academic offerings: D-Lab: Development; D-Lab: Design; D-Lab: Dissemination; Development Ventures; D-Lab: Cycle Ventures; D-Lab: Health; D-Lab: ICT; Developing World Prosthetics; and Wheelchair Design in Developing Countries. D-Lab was founded by Amy Smith in 2002.

D-Lab: Development[edit | edit source]

D-Lab: Development is offered each fall. Students learn about a variety of approaches to international development, and are placed on country teams that go abroad for the month of January to experience field work and learn about development in a more hands-on way.