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The Centre for Development of Enterprise (CDE) is an ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific)/EU (European Union) joint Institution created in the framework of the Cotonou Agreement.

CDE's financial resources mainly come from the European Development Fund (EDF). Its objective is to ensure the development of professional ACP enterprises operating in the private sector.

CDE operates in complementarity with the European Commission, the Secretariat of the ACP Group of States and the European Investment Bank in the framework of support to the private sector.

Publications[edit | edit source]

They have published a number of Technical guides

Small bakeries and the use of local cereals in ACP countries

Setting up and running a bakery is a complex and delicate business. It requires knowledge and attitudes that are described disparately and often in too specialiscd a manner in reference books.

SMEs in the Dairy Industry

This brochure aims to promote the development of the dairy industry in the ACP region. It follows several missions to evaluate this industry in 1997 and 1998 at the initiative of the COl in fifteen ACP countries (especially in East Africa and Southern Africa]]

Technical Guide for Tilapia Farming

Tilapia are fish species that are fresh water cichlids but some species are described as being eurhyaline, a tenn which means that they can tolerate and adapt to different water salinity levels including, under certain conditions, sea water.

The intensive poultry farming industry in the Sahelian zone

The aim of this guide is to promote the development of intensive poultry farming and related activities in the Western Sahelian area.

Timber Drying

Probably the most important aspect of using one of this worlds most valuable renewable natural resources, is that of ensuring that its moisture content is in harmony with the surroundings in which it is required to exist.

Licensing Information[edit | edit source]

The technical Guides include the following licensing information:

© 1998 CDI, Brussels, first edition. This volume of CDI Guides is published by the CDI. May not be sold by persons or organizations other than the CDI and its official distributors.

Reproduction authorised with indication of the source, except for commercial purposes.

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