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Keywords Australian organizations, Appropriate technology organizations, indigenous Australians, appropriate technology
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG10 Reduced inequalities
Authors Chris Watkins
Published 2011
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Location Alice Springs, Australia

The Centre for Appropriate Technology Inc is an Australian organisation based in Alice Springs (Central Australia), which aims to improve the lives of indigenous Australians, using appropriate technology to improve their access to a range services. It is controlled by indigenous Australians, potentially an interesting example of community participation.

Its headquarters is near Alice Springs in Central Australia.

Bushlight is a division of CAT that builds and maintains renewable energy systems in remote communities. These are generally standalone solar (or solar diesel hybrid) electricity systems. They have a complex but user-friendly interface to help demand management and enable efficient use of available power. As of 2011, 120 systems have been installed across northern Australia, and a version is being tested in India.

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