The set of equipment in an EMT CPAP kit

In preparation for putting a patient on CPAP, ensure that you have all of the following Equipment:

A – CPAP Mask With Forehead support - the front opening connects to the Adjustable PEEP valve (H)

B – Oxygen Tubing - used only if connecting accessories such as nebulizer attachments (C) to the Oxygen regulator (E) through the barbed fitting.

C – Nebulizer attachment - connects to the valved port in the middle of the Adjustable PEEP valve (H) for medication delivery. Flow is adjusted with the dial on the oxygen regulator (E).

D – Fixed Flow Generator - The input connects to the DISS port on the regulator (E) and the output to the corrugated tubing (G)

E – Oxygen regulator with DISS port - connects to an oxygen tank (not shown), and the fixed flow generator (D) through the DISS port

F – Adjustable head straps - for holding the CPAP mask (A) securely to the patient's face

G – Expandable corrugated tubing - for connecting the Fixed Flow Generator (D) to the Adjustable PEEP valve (H)

H – Adjustable PEEP valve with nebulizer port connects directly to CPAP mask (A) and is used to adjust the level of back pressure for the patient in the range of 5-10 cm H20

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