In 1993 Bart Orlando began his volunteer efforts at CCAT by receiving permission to pedal power the PA system used at a speech given by David Brower at HSU. A crowd of over 400 people attended the event. The bike with the ape-hanger handle bars is Bart's Bike back when it was still a 15 speed. A friction wheel rolling along the rear tire spins when the bike was pedaled in place, like an exercise bike. The friction wheel was a 2" diameter skate board wheel, adapted to attach to the 5/8" drive shaft of the 1/4hp, 24v, 1800rpm permanent magnet DC motor/generator. Because of the relative size of the skateboard wheel and 27" rear bike tire, the rpm of the generator was approximately 900 rpm. Its output voltage, (which is proportional to the speed at which the generator is spun), was approximately 18v. That voltage was suitable for charging the 12v battery which powered a 200 audio watt Alpine car stereo amplifier and 200 audio watt JBL speakers.

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