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Environmental Issues As A Social Problem: Exploring the Disconnect[edit | edit source]

Doing a Google Search for Bridging Social Justice and Environmentalism turned up the phrase "Bridging the Social Justice and Environmental Movements." That's it, I realized. This was at the Circle of Life's Crossroads Project.

Climate change and social justice[edit | edit source]

Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth presents action on climate change as a moral issue, largely because the brunt of climate change will be borne by some of the most vulnerable people in the world, such as poverty-stricken farmers of the Ganges delta in Bangladesh.[verification needed] The injustice of this is compounded by the fact that these people have made an extremely small contribution to global warming, compared to those in wealthy Western countries.

Bridging the Disconnect[edit | edit source]

The CoL Crossroads Project is "Connecting Environmentalism and Social Justice" as their graphic indicates, and they are part of the larger movement towards eliminating this dysjunction, to allow us to all work towards a better world together, rather than separately and disjointedly.

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