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Name Ajay Tallam
Registered 2024
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Contributions Campus Sustainability Day at HSU
Bridging the social justice and environmental movements

Ajay's World[edit | edit source]

He's on the facebook, the cult, other places too, very likely.
He made a page on paper saving, once that's up properly on the HSU Campus Recycling Program's homepage, I'll link to that directly. (if/when!)

interests[edit | edit source]

In broad strokes, my dual and dueling passions are technology and ecology. Social justice threads run through all of that, from recent talk of sexism in tech, exploring the Bridging_the_social_justice_and_environmental_movements, as some . the major examples My major interest in directly engaging the AT/ecology space is setting the greater deployment dry toilets.

Personal homepage[edit | edit source]

The world of AT, is .. getting there. I've really got my blog and pictures up so far. Which is huge still.

Websites he has to do with[edit | edit source]

The Green Campus Program (This new site (v1.5?) is powered by a TRUE (rather than phpcms) CMS, baby!)
(Insert Paper-saving website here when appropriate. Lonny wants it to go on the wiki.. HSU:Paper_Saving or Paper_Saving? Hmm..)
In non-AT-related news, I'm starting to webmaster the site for the Del Norte Center & Backcountry Alumni Association, which is for people who were at the CCC's Del Norte Center before it closed, or have participated in the CCC Backcountry Trails Program. I've got gallery2 embedded in phpBB, as well as getting rid of the iframes the previous webmaster made extensive use of, are my main changes.

All for now..?[edit | edit source]

Hasta pronto! --Ajay 23:42, 2 June 2006 (PDT) (aka @)

PS: my birthday is on 6/8.

(Hmm.. are you pondering what I'm pondering? How many site update emails does Lonny get anyways? And what the hellck can you do with a webnote anyways, and why does johnwu23 have one too? What's AJAX? ahh, the questions of the (web) life)

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