BioneeringW is a new term for an ancient way of working with the natural environment. The "bio-" prefix associates the term explicitly to "life" itself as a unifying principle for an occupation based in a deep respect for the living world. The "-neering" part can be linked with both "pioneering" and "engineering" thus placing the practitioner at the frontier of applied life science and in the midst of the functionality with mankind as an integral part of the ecosystem. Working in harmony with nature requires an inclusive attitude toward all creatures: plant and animal; living and once alive, water, minerals, the atmosphere, the wind, the sun and moon and even toward the world of Spirit.

Biomimicry[edit | edit source]

BiomimicryW is a methodology based in a participatory relationship between the bioneer and the creature whereby the creature shows the bioneer how things get done. A bioneer learns from nature's models, systems, processes, and elements how to solve human problems.

Systems thinking[edit | edit source]

The bioneer must understanding how things influence one another within his or her built and natural environment.

From Wikipedia: In nature systems thinking examples include ecosystems in which various elements such as air, water, movement, plant and animals work together to survive or perish.

A holistic philosophy increases the bioneer's effectiveness as the human component within an extremely complex system that must constantly adapt to nature's mood swings. Times and seasons, physical conditions such as atmospheric pressure and temperature, soil chemistry, hydrological properties, the makeup of the local community of species and myriad other presences, processes, relationships all must be taken into account.

help[edit | edit source]

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Other sections may include Permaculture, Keyline design, Riparian zones, etc... Feel free to expand/rifine this Appropedic manual for the modern Bioneer!

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