The Biomimicry Institute is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the study and imitation of nature’s remarkably efficient designs, bringing together scientists, engineers, architects and innovators who can use those models to create sustainable technologies. The Biomimicry Institute offers short-term workshops and two-year certificate courses in biomimicry for professionals, and helps to develop and share biomimicry-related curricula used in a range of educational venues, from K-12 classrooms to universities, as well as in non-formal settings such as zoos and museums. The Biomimicry Institute does not conduct its own research; rather, it serves as a clearinghouse and resource for those who do.

See examples of biomimicry in action or browse their online database of nature's solutions,

The Biomimicry Institute employs a staff of 12, who focus on three areas:

   * Developing educational programs for students, professionals and the general public.
   * Working to create public policies that use biomimicry as a solution to sustainability challenges.
   * Encouraging companies that are profiting from biomimicry to provide financial support for biodiversity.
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