A finished wall made of bamboo boards

Bamboo boards are crafted through a unique process that transforms raw bamboo into versatile, flat panels. This process begins with harvesting bamboo, which is known for its rapid growth and sustainability. The bamboo is then cut, flattened, and treated to enhance its natural strength and durability. These boards are prized in construction for their ecological benefits and impressive structural qualities. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood, with applications ranging from flooring and cabinetry to decorative panels. Their strength, combined with a distinctive aesthetic, makes bamboo boards a popular choice in green building projects and modern architectural designs (or any use you can dream up).

Videos[edit | edit source]

The following videos were shot at the Bambu Tico factory in Costa Rica.


Similar flooring is used in parts of Indonesia, including Tana Toraja in the highlands of Sulawesi, where it is used in the temporary accommodation built for large ceremonies.

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