Update: This project has been canceled in favor of the following search tools:

Public domain test[edit | edit source]

For a start (03:52, 18 November 2007 (PST)) we'll try to create a test just for the public domain. See Public Domain Test Search for details.

Open license sources[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of sites, that can be copied into google custom search.

Appropedia custom searches are open source - so you can use this list as you like (though of course we hope you'll contribute here).

  • .mil

Note it is very important to exclude non open content. In the Google custom search, this can be done on the "Sites" tab of the CSE control panel. Beneath the list of included sites, we click "Excluded sites" and add them. In this case we want to exclude local and state governments, as these sites are generally not public domain. So we add them in the form alabama.gov etc. For now, see Public Domain Test Search for the list of excluded sites.

Open access educational material[edit | edit source]


Existing searches[edit | edit source]

Other lists of open license material[edit | edit source]

Discussion[View | Edit]

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