Educational Material Wikisearch is planned to make a comprehensive custom search for free educational materials (gratis and libre). So far the search above only covers Wikiversity and Wikibooks.

Please help us find suitable sites. Heavily spammed sites with little content should not be included. Struggling wikis with worthwhile content can be included.

Wikis devoted to producing educational materials[edit | edit source]

This includes coursework and textbooks.

Wikis containing a proportion of educational materials[edit | edit source]

List the link and (where possible) the text string or category marking educational materials.

How to mark the content (or, how to get included)[edit | edit source]

Important: The preferred method is that these pages have a tag that works a bit like a CC mark, but simpler - just include a very specific (and brief) phrase in a template, placed on every page. (Copy our example template, {{ed content example}}.)

Use one of these:

  • Phrase for textbooks:
  • Phrase for coursework:
  • Phrase for material about teaching the lessons (e.g. tips and tricks):
  • Phrase for miscellaneous content:

Also ensure that key phrases occur on the page - otherwise, put them in your template. If it's a physics lesson but the word physics doesn't appear on the page, it will be harder for people to find the page using a search engine.

The different content types will be used for custom search refinements, helping the searcher to narrow down the results.

This needs to be tried out before being promoted.

URL term[edit | edit source]

An alternative: If the relevant pages all have a certain term in their URL (and most other pages on the wiki don't have that term) this can be used by the search engine. This is probably an inferior approach though, as the template/mark approach is more uniform and easier to implement (and easier to include in other custom search engines).

Where to find more[edit | edit source]

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