It has often occurred that the copyright status of content on Appropedia, especially images, unclear. This means it has been uploaded without attribution, and without the claim of ownership. Unfortunately, these must be clarified or removed.

Only work available under an open license may be used on Appropedia, which uses the CC-BY-SA license:[1]

  • For text this means public domain, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.
  • For images this means the same as above, or any other license which does not restrict commercial use or modifications.

For image files:

  • If you own the copyright and you release it under Appropedia's license, please edit this page to make that clear.
  • If the license is compatible, please edit the page to state the source and the license.
  • If the source is unknown, look for it with a reverse image search such as TinEye. Paste in the direct link to the image on Appropedia,[2] and find a source of the image. Confirm whether the image itself is confirmed open licensed (as opposed to, say, being reposted on a blog which happens to use a Creative Commons mark.
  • If these cannot be done, the image must be deleted. It may be possible to find a suitably licensed alternative image.

For text:

  • If there is a source and compatible license statement, please add the link to this page as attribution. If it is your own work, please explain on the article's or the file's talk page.
  • If is is a copyright violation, valuable parts should be (at a minimum) expressed in different words. Anything that is not reworded must be removed.

Note that one or two sentences don't count as a copyright violation. More than this "Fair use" is not acceptable for Appropedia. See Appropedia:Copyright violations.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. See the Appropedia:Copyrights page for more details.
  2. Right click on image and save image location - something like that should work in most browsers.
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