Copyright violations are not tolerated on Appropedia, and will be promptly removed. This means that anything which is not acceptable under the terms of Appropedia's license must be either:

  • Removed (note that a sentence or two may be allowed to remain),
  • Reworded, or
  • Marked as open access and protected from modifications. This option can only be used where this is permissible under the terms given by the author or publisher.

Ideas cannot be copyrighted[edit | edit source]

Only the exact wording is copyrighted. Rewriting the content, as well as correcting or integrating it with other content all help to avoid copyright problems.

Valuable parts should be (at a minimum) expressed in different words and moved to a different section (not directly under this tag). Anything that is not reworded should be removed.

Marking and removal[edit | edit source]

If you find copyright content, you can either:

  • Mark it with {{copyvio}} (immediately above the content in question) giving the source), or
  • Remove immediately.

If removing, and the text has some value in the context, leave a sentence or two as is, and add a link to the full text. If you wish to rewrite more of the text, that is even better.

Images and other files[edit | edit source]

Click the image or file to view the file page. Click edit and add {{delete|copyvio - link}} but replace the word "link" with the actual link to the file which has been copied, or give an explanation.

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