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This article or section is believed to be a copyright violation.

Copyright violations of text: Valuable parts should be (at a minimum) expressed in different words and moved to a different section (not directly under this tag). Anything that is not reworded should be removed. Don't leave more than a single sentence in exactly the same form as the original, before the notice is removed. (One or two sentences don't count as a copyright violation. More than this can be a problem.) See Appropedia:Copyright violations

Copyright violations of media: Images and other media should be deleted and/or replaced with open-licensed media that serves the same purpose.

If this notice is incorrect, please leave an explanation on the talk page.


Place an explanation after the | - e.g. {{copyvio|non-commercial license}}

It may be a good idea to place the copyvio content under this tag inside blockquote tags:

copyvio text

This helps keep track as content is adapted and moved into the unmarked (not copyvio) section above it, or elsewhere.

This also tags the page as "noindex" so that Appropedia is not punished for having duplicate content.


Adding this template automatically adds the page to Category:Copyright issues. (Note that it's an "issue" rather than a violation. If it's determined that it's actually a violation, standard policy is to delete the content.)

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