The largest and most active sustainability wiki in the English language has joined forces with the largest and most active sustainability in the French language. Spanish... are also covered and more languages are planned.

In a spirit of radical collaboration and through extended negotiations, we have forged a common vision and mission and will work together to provide the most comprehensive resource in the world on all aspects of sustainability and human development.

About Appropedia
Appropedia is the website for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. It is a wiki run by a dedicated non-profit foundation, and allows allows anyone to add, and edit content, and has an active community making and monitoring these changes.

The vision of the Appropedia community is:

Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.

Media: Appropedia has been covered in the media by Discovery's Planet Green (Do It Yourself Instructions Motherlode: Appropedia Wiki). It is also the knowledge sharing platform used by the Waterpod, the International Development Design Summit and the Hexayurt, (all of which have been covered by the New York Times and other media) as well as the Open Sustainability Network (covered by and is the service learning platform currently used by a number of university programs in the United States and Canada.

See Appropedia:For the media for more information.

COPYRIGHT RELEASE: The text of all Appropedia press releases is public domain - anyone may reuse and make derivatives of the text, with no attribution required.

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